• Product design for manufacture: Bricks, tiles, oxides and raw materials, glazes, metal items and assemblies.
  • Design of laboratory scale tests to cover measured and controlled variables, prior to factory trials
  • Proof of concept trials for scaling up production systems and building ceramics based factories
  • Factory commissioning trials and production startups
  • Design of factory trial runs and production related larger scale testing to improve processes or make products
  • Proof of compliance of products, and setting up testing regimes
  • Building and construction expertise and technical comment on failure mechanisms  relating to the ceramic products: eg rendering, cracking, surface defects, etc
  • Design of ceramic glaze recipes to suit raw material supply and quality required
  • Design of ceramic glaze recipes for colour and texture required, using oxides, clays, frits, etc
  • Roof tile design for weather resistance and robust manufacture
  • Brick and roof tile in-situ cleaning methods
  • Building site inspections for assessment of Bricks and Roof Tiles


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