Blake Stacey has over 25 years Ceramic Engineering experience: all major forms of ceramics manufacture, plus metals machining and parts assembly.

The bricks pictured above were developed in a factory in China in April 2018: “Blake made exactly the brick we wanted in a short time, and worked harmoniously with our factory staff”.

Blake focuses on the development of new products for robust manufacture and bringing them to market:

  • Raw material choices and testing
  • Forming technology including extrusion and pressing
  • Surface application and decoration technology
  • Oxide colours, glaze mixing and quality control
  • Finding collaborative ways to solve manufacturing problems
  • Machinery choice to suit product and quality required
  • Product compliance, QC/QA testing, and sales support

Another testimonial:

“Blake has worked efficiently to deliver the manufacturing and testing of concrete blocks to tight specifications, and to provide a path to certification for the FBR wall system which includes masonry adhesive and render. This has been achieved well ahead of project schedule. Blake also added long term value in providing detailed input into future business models.”
Deborah Barnett
FBR Program Manager, June 2018


Valued Customers include: 

  • Fast Brick Robotics (Perth)
  • Midland Bricks (Perth)
  • Austral Bricks (Perth)
  • PGH Bricks (Melbourne)
  • Boral Roofing (Terracotta tile production, Montoro, NSW)
  • Brickmakers (Perth)
  • Bristile Roofing (Perth)
  • Jingdezhen Qilinge Architectural Ceramics Co Ltd (China)
  • WAGlass, Recycling

Please do not ask for information regarding these customers: “Loose Lips Sink Ships“,  confidentiality is important to maintain.

Blake upholds:

INTEGRITY: Confidentiality is to be maintained, Intellectual Property rights and responsibilities are to be considered in all dealings, along with open and honest communication.

VALUE: Only relevant  laboratory testing and well planned factory trials should be undertaken, with a view to improving profitability for the customer. Hands-on hard work is usually required.

QUALITY: Products and processes, recipes and machinery: must be robust enough to last well beyond the time spent setting them up.

TEAM WORK: Collaboration with staff will encourage project success, and ensure training of the next generation in a company.


Real Material Solutions Pty Ltd

Australian Business Number (ABN): 41 622 887 174